Proline Fencing & Landscapes

Wallcrete Rendering in Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend

Wallcrete is a new rendering process which can be used on any sound wall to dramatically change its appearance. We at Proline Fencing and Landscapes have been trained in and installed this product on a number of installations.

Wallcrete is a special light weight render mix made from a compound that includes fibres that allows it to be applied at thicknesses that normal mixes are incapable of. The patterns are made with special textured mats of various designs and carved and shaped using bespoke carving tools.

First we start with a sound wall either existing or new built. Then we render it so that its level all over. Then we apply the Wallcrete to the required thickness, depending on the pattern. The texture and pattern mats are then pressed into the render to create the design. Once dried, the pattern is cleaned up and any necessary carving made before we colour each stone individually for a real stone effect.

Use on Buildings to highlight areas and make them really stand out, we use different colours and shapes to give the effect of different materials. This passes even the closest inspection; it even feels like real stone. Could you tell the difference? Everyone that has seen it has failed!