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Water Irrigation: Watering With a Rain Bird Sprinkler?

Watering by hand is rarely practical for an entire lawn, making Water Irrigation methods popular among landscapers. With a good Sprinkler system like Rain Bird, it's possible to have hands free Irrigation and keep the plants healthy and happy without having to show up on a daily basis to water.

Types of Irrigation

There are several types of Irrigation, including Water Irrigation canals and large sprinklers, which are not usually appropriate for the average domestic garden. When it comes to lawns and landscaping, you are better off looking at drip Irrigation or a Sprinkler system.

Drip Irrigation or Micro-Irrigation, is very efficient, since it delivers the water directly to the plant and nothing is lost in evaporation. These are usually tubes with perforations that are either laid out on top of the ground or buried. For the purposes of domestic landscaping, underground is the best way to go, as it is completely hidden and the amount of water used is very low. Since each plant receives what it needs, this can be a good system for areas that are prone to drought.

The Watering system can require some maintenance, as holes may become blocked or the tubes damaged by frost. Less water is used, but this is not as practical for areas with plenty of plants growing together, such as a lawn. Drip Irrigation is best suited to beds where each plant is separate and can receive water directly to the roots.

Water Irrigation

Sprinklers provide water over a wide area, which is particularly beneficial for lawns or plants that have been planted close together.

There are rotary sprinklers, which actually rotate, spraying smaller areas over and over, and the more traditional spray which covers a specific section all at once.

The rotary style requires plenty of water pressure and if the rotary head is stuck, it will require manual moving. Another option is to go fully automatic.

Benefits of Automatic Sprinkler Systems

The traditional method of Watering the lawn with a Sprinkler was to move the Sprinkler by hand every so often to ensure that all the grass received enough water. Unfortunately, this only works when there is enough space for the Sprinkler to be placed. Where larger flower beds are designed, it can be difficult to reach all areas, requiring manual Watering. This older method takes up a lot of time.

Water Irrigation

With an automatic Sprinkler system, everything is times and a system of sprinklers can rise up out of the lawn and even the flower beds to water everything equally. This is preferable because the Sprinkler heads are quite small and can be hidden underground in between Watering. When it comes to Irrigation, this is the superior method.

While there are a number of different products available on the market, Rain Bird is one of the preferred choices, for reliability and ease of installation. When the system is installed during the landscaping process, it can be done very quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.

One of the downsides of this method is the fact that it tends to be costlier than the traditional Sprinkler or drip Irrigation. However, over the long run, you will usually save money, as well as time, making it well worth the investment. Maintenance includes checking the heads on a regular basis for mineral build up, which can be prevented with a simple filter.

There are several methods of Irrigation, but a Sprinkler Water Irrigation system is the best choice for landscaping. Whether you choose Rain Bird or another company to provide the Sprinkler heads, an automatic system will give more freedom and offers the best way to keep a garden healthy and growing properly with minimal attention and maintenance.