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Insect Houses for Butterflies, Ladybirds & Other Bugs

Anyone who is interested in natural or organic gardening will want to consider using Insect Houses to maintain healthy gardens. Certain Bugs can be very beneficial to the garden, so it pays to encourage these Insects to hang around. While the actual plants can attract Butterflies and other creatures, an insect house will provide them with a place to lay eggs or even hibernate in colder months.

What Type of House?

Insect Houses

There are dozens of different styles of Insect Houses designed for specific Bugs, so if you know what you want in the garden, it shouldn't be difficult to find the perfect accommodation.

Lacewings are a useful pest control insect that doesn't do well over winter. To help them get through the colder weather, you will want to offer a chambered bug house. This can be made out of a bundle of bamboo tied together and hung in the garden, or you may purchase a structure built specifically for these Bugs.

Ladybirds are also a good bug to have around the garden to keep the bad critters in check. A piece of dead wood with plenty of cracks and holes is ideal for these little Insects to hide out in over the winter.

Butterflies will enjoy small houses that have slit entrances. You can encourage them to come in by providing a feeder outside the house. These are frequently built into the butterfly shelters you can buy online, but look for one that is removable so you can take it indoors when things start to freeze and the Butterflies are tucked safely away for the winter.

Bee Hives

Bring more bees to your garden to help pollinate by providing them with the right shelters, too. A bundle of twigs might work for some bees, but you will probably want a commercial bee house to really be successful.

These are just a handful of the Bugs you will want to encourage to hang out in your garden. In addition to the Insect Houses you can purchase, you will find that leaving leaves and natural debris through winter and providing plenty of southern facing rocks and walls, as well as some bare dirt, will provide natural homes for Bugs that you want to keep around.

General Tips for Insect Houses

Ensure that any bug house you set up is sheltered. It should provide protection from wind, rain and cold, as these are what do Insects in over the winter. If it does not seem safe, the Bugs won't use it.

If you aren't sure what is appropriate, talk to your local nursery about what types of Insects you should keep around. Online garden sites can also provide plenty of information, as well as a wide range of products suitable for your purposes.

Encouraging good Insects to stay around is what Insect Houses do best. When you provide a safe environment for egg laying and weathering out the cooler parts of the year, you ensure that the Bugs will stick around for the spring garden. From Butterflies to Ladybirds, beneficial Bugs are a huge boon to the garden.