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Garden Birds: Bird Boxes, Bees & Other Insects

Insects are often one of the biggest problems in a garden, but having Garden Birds hanging out can help your plants thrive. The birds eat the pests and protect your plants, but they are also fun to watch and provide pleasant music throughout the day. A single sparrow can munch hundreds of Insects in just one morning, so imagine what several birds can do.

While some of the better Insects like spiders and Bees may also be eaten by birds, you will find that the biggest benefit is the fact that the insects and pests that tend to harm your plants will also be gone. As a side benefit, it Is fun to let children identify the birds in the garden by looking at a book or Bird Pictures online to find which species are thriving among your vegetables.

Bird Boxes

Bird Boxes are a great way to help attract Garden Birds. When they have a safe place to nest and roost, they will be more likely to come around. Choosing the right type of bird box will help the right birds show up for your garden. Stay away from oddly shaped or novelty boxes, since these are not appealing to birds.

Look for Bird Boxes that are dull in colour so as not to attract predators. They should be appropriately sized for the types of birds you want to show up. Smaller boxes are best for wrens or tree creepers, while larger birds will want larger holes and spaces. The majority of birds like houses that are completely enclosed, with a slanted roof, but you will also find that shelf boxes, with three sides closed and the front open, are ideal for barn swallows and the mourning dove.

Bird Boxes should be made of wood to keep temperatures at a comfortable level inside and you will need to place them in strategic places, preferably out of reach of predators. Boxes on posts are a good choice, rather than a tree, where squirrels and other creatures can scramble up easily. Some maintenance is also required, to clear out old nesting materials every year once the birds have moved on.

Bird Bath

Another way to help attract birds to your garden, apart from having insects everywhere, is to put out a little food. Millet scattered around the paths will help bring in the types of Garden Birds that like to peck around on the ground, which is where they will also find many pests. You will want to limit the amount of millet that you put out, since you really want them to be eating the bugs, rather than grain, but a little will help bring them in. A birdbath will also work.

Garden Birds can be a wonderful asset to your garden. Besides ridding the beds of harmful Insects, they provide entertainment. Identifying them from Bird Pictures will let you know more about the species that are inhabiting the area and you can do a little research to find out just what their habits are, making this an educational experience, as well.