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Garden Art: Sculptures, Fountains & Wood Art

Gardens can be art in and of themselves, but many people enjoy adding further elements to their green space. Garden Art can include everything from beautifully designed benches and Wood Art to Sculptures and Fountains. Many of these can be found at a Garden Centre, but you will need to search a little further afield if you want something truly original.


Wood Art

It is difficult to say just which type of Garden Art is most popular, but Fountains have been around for a very long time and combine the calming effect of water with the beauty of sculpture.

You can find Fountains made from a number of materials, with concrete being one of the more versatile options. Carved stone is another choice, but can be difficult to find in the design you want.

Concrete is easily moulded, making it available in just about anything you can imagine.


Sculptures are just as popular as Fountains, if not more so. They come in dozens of materials and range from whimsical to elegant and everything in between. From tacky plastic flamingos to cute stone frogs, you will find that there is something for pretty much any type of garden.


Choosing a material for your Sculptures will depend on the style of the garden in many cases. Stone and wood are natural materials that blend into any setting, while plastic and metal tend to stand out a bit more. Concrete can be made to look quite natural, almost like stone.

Once you have the material selected, consider the style. Are you looking for something small that can be tucked under a bush or a larger statue that will stand out and be the first thing the eye is drawn to? Choices abound in both types.

Something else to consider is whether you want the sculpture to be interactive or not. There are many moving Sculptures available, particularly those made of metal, and they can add a lot to a garden. Movement catches people's interest and makes the garden even more interesting to look at.

Garden Furniture

Not all outdoor furniture is art, but without a doubt, some benches and arbours are very artistic. These are a great way to add a touch of visual interest while keeping things practical at the same time. Look for sculpted benches, stools and carved wooden furniture that will set off the garden space and invite the eye.

Other Garden Art

Wood Art panels can help divide a garden space elegantly and provide a little privacy in a gazebo, but these are far from the only types of art that can be showcased in a garden. Wind chimes are a lovely way to add some music and visual interest to a green space and may be hung from a patio or a tree branch.

Wood Art

Living art is another option, where plants are tastefully grown in pouches along a wall or even within a frame. While these require a little more care than your average sculpture, they can add more greenery to a cooler area of the garden where more stone or wood is used.

Sundials and birdbaths can be used to add a vintage feel to any space and will stand alone nicely or can be tucked away in the flower beds to surprise anyone paying attention to details.

With so many choices in outdoor art, there is something for everyone. Garden Art is available for all tastes and can often be customized, so it is worth the time it takes to find just the right piece for that special place.

Keep in mind that Garden Art, while available at nearly any Garden Centre, is more likely to be found online. Sculptures, exotic Wood Art and Fountains will usually be available in a wider range of designs when you are looking at a Garden Centre website, than in a limited space brick and mortar store.