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Animals in the Garden: Dealing with Insects and Pests

Wild Animals in the Garden are a common occurrence. From Snakes and Rabbits to Foxes and Deer, there's always something trying to get in when you have luscious vegetables and beautiful flowers growing. There are ways to stop some animals from getting into the garden, but they are not all bad. For example, some will eat Insects and Pests that could otherwise wipe out entire crops. Before you look at removing animals from the garden, consider whether they are useful or not.


Creatures that eat bad insects or aerate the soil are generally considered to be good ones. Animals like Rabbits that will eat your plants, are definitely not beneficial. You can set up your garden to attract the best creatures where possible and to keep the bad ones out.

Which animals do we want in the garden? Birds are often beneficial, particularly early in the season, before fruit appears. They eat Insects and Pests and will also help devour weed seeds. You can attract birds by putting out a bit of millet and hanging a couple of bird boxes around. They also enjoy a ready source of water, so a bird bath is not a bad idea.

Lizards, Toads and Snakes are all handy to have around because they eat rodents like mice and rats. Since rodents tend to cause problems in the garden by eating seeds and stealing plants, as well as digging holes, you want to introduce natural predators from the area. Attract reptiles by providing some shade areas in the garden and a small pond or other area of water. Several rocks arranged nicely can be the perfect haven for these critters.

Bats are another beneficial animal to have in the garden. While they only come out at night, they do eat a lot of insects and can be quite good to have around. You can encourage them to show up by providing bat houses, snug, warm homes like bird boxes that hang in trees.


Keep in mind that having a pet house in the garden can attract more predators or keep certain animals away. For example, chicken coops will tend to attract Foxes, but for all the wrong reasons. Snakes may also be attracted to the coop, so be sure to build a chicken coop that is solid enough to keep these animals out.

A dog kennel will tend to discourage Rabbits and Foxes, among other creatures, from coming too close to your plants. A good dog can be trained to get rid of any of these animals that dare trespass, but most instinctively protect their space.

Keeping good Animals in the Garden and the bad ones out can be a challenge. Using tall fences that are dug several feet into the ground will prevent Rabbits and deer from popping in to eat all your produce, but having natural predators like Foxes around will also help keep them away. Learn a bit more about the animals around your area and which are beneficial to a garden. Often you can get great advice from people who have lived and planted in the area for a long time.